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Great Lakes Drainage Basin Map

Oh No Honey! .....Not another Reef
(Parry Sound Approaches)
image source; author

(An International Resource under Seige - 2011)

Recommended Reading List

Last call at the Oasis
"The Global Water Crisis"
Karl Weber - 2012
L.E. Shore Library, Thornbury, ON

Elixir; Author Brian Fagan Pub: 2011, Bloomsbury Press

The Great Lakes-Natural History; by Wayne Grady,
David Suzuki Foundation

L.E. Shore Library, Thornbury, ON

The Ocean of Life
Callum Roberts
Pub: Viking-Penguin Group 2012
ISBN: 978-0-670-02354-7
A Must Read!!

Baked Australia: Water Management Lessons for the World from Down Under

...Australia see a day when a bottle of water is worth more than a bottle of... November 11, 2009

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