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(IJC Collingwood Mtg August 3, 7-9pm
At Royal Canadian Legion Hall)

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Georgian Bay -------- Paradise Lost?? Well, we haven't exactly paved the proverbial parking lot, but if the International Joint Commission Study Group continues to procrastinate and disregard the water level crisis the Bay is suffering, the exposed lake beds will surely come close. Let me explain.

For the past four years the Study Group did their work and last year their Final Report concluded that the outflow capacity in the St Clair River (which drains Lakes Huron and Michigan) has increased by 5.8%. Despite that shocking conclusion, no recommendation has been made about this increase! Last fall the Commissioners (to whom the Study Board reports) responded to growing public concern by having a follow up meeting to hear public input. Finally, this resulted in action.

They replaced the co-chair of the Study Group, and more importantly they issued a short-fused "Mandate", to examine the consequences of increasing Lake water levels under four different scenarios: 10, 25, 40 and 50 centimetres! Furthermore they asked the Group "to start looking at what type of structure would be required to recapture the lost water". Therefore, the Study Group is holding public hearings this summer. That's a major about-face! Timely too, because despite heavy winter snow and heavier spring rainfall our Lake level is just 7 inches above chart datum and it is expected to drop below this level by this fall. What an opportunity for Bay-lovers to act!

Here's how: Mary Muter (former Georgian Bay Keeper) and the Sierra Club of Ontario are leading a reinvigorated initiative to "help" the IJC with their decision-making. Ahead of the first hearing, Mary will be hosting a "Web-Cast" which will provide complete, factual information on the water level crisis. Prior to this event, the Sierra Club will E-mail out a series of slides which will support the Web-cast.

In order for you to participate, please send your e-mail address to Joe Hayward at " " or tel. 705 443 8684. Your voice and concern for our Bay must be heard! The IJC Study Board will hold it's first Meeting in Collingwood, on Wednesday the 3rd of August, at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall from 7-9 P.M.

Be informed and Be There!

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